Sunday, April 20, 2008

All Girl Arcade is LIVE!!!

All Girl Arcade ( is a brand new gaming portal developed by Fuel Industries. It’s a completely free site based around the adventures of our own original characters, the All Girl Star Squad, a trio of video game champions who become the unlikely heroes to a group of wacky space creatures trying to stop the evil Raveena from turning the universe into her own personal playground.
This is one of the many screens I painted. I had a great time working on this project and learned a lot in the process from the rest of the team.
We will be continuously updating the site with more games in the near future. So check it out.


Tom Bancroft said...

LOVE the colorwork you did (assuming it was you) on all the All girl Arcade "title art" screens. Really nice coloring. Do you have a website were we can see more cartoony coloring like that? We could use that style from time to time. Thanks, Tom B.

soroya said...

Landon sayd your work is i think its really good too :)
I know i took forever to try and add you on facebook, but now that i tried i cant find you guys! I also commented on Courtney's page, so i hope you guys get this and add me :) thanks
xo soroya